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We assist you for the formation of your company in Bulgaria.

It is relatively easy to establish a company in Bulgaria. We advise our clients about the most legally and financially suitable decisions for their business activity in Bulgaria and help them to find appropriate corporative form, whether as a sole trader, joint partnership or stock company.

After you have chosen the type of enterprise, we prepare all documents needed in English and Bulgarian language taking into account the specifications of your business.

Pursuant to the Bulgarian commercial law each trader is supposed to indicate his company headquarters at the Commercial Register. If you do not plan to rent a private office, we offer our clients a domicile service, including postal services.

Our personnel provide you assistance with the notary appointments and with the opening of a bank account for the deposition of the share capital. We further represent you in the process of your company registration in front of the Bulgarian Commercial Register.

Following the formation of the company, on your behalf we request the Bank to provide an online banking service, so that you can freely operate with the company’s financial assets. All bank documents will be sent to you by priority post. At yours discretion we can further register your company in the National Revenue Agency in order to acquire value added tax identification number and take over the ongoing bookkeeping.

Our services in Bulgaria include:

  • Advice on the appropriate enterprise form
  • Applying for a company name
  • Preparation of corporate documents in English, German and Bulgarian
  • Notary appointments
  • Opening of a bank account for the deposit of the capital funds in a bank of your choice
  • Application for the registration of the company in the Commercial Register
  • Domicile service in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Company accounts in banks of your choice, including Online banking services
  • Commercial register’s certificate of registration with accredited translation and Apostil
  • Applying for VAT registration
  • Secretarial/office services
  • Accounting services in English, German and Bulgarian
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